Best Practices for Working with Vendors and Suppliers

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January 2, 2013 — 2,047 views  
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Big organizations often require third-party firms to offer them business solutions. Your efforts to develop customized solutions within your company will find the requisition of more manpower, time, and costs. This is the area in which vendors specialize. Most firms that offer business solutions cater to all requirements that an organization may have regarding their services or products. While such firms address the organization’s needs, completing concrete deals with suppliers or vendors can be rather difficult. As a matter of fact, it can get frustrating and annoying at times when dealing with vendors.

Make a Good First Impression

Dealing with suppliers will almost always beget honest and fair interactions if you get off to the right start with them. It would be a bit like laying the foundation stone for a long and healthy relationship between the service provider and the organization in need of said services. All the important information must be carefully disclosed to your vendor. Details about your organization’s technical environment, support plan, product requirements, etc. will help the supplier perform better and help your company grow with strength. You may even show your gratitude by sending gifts to them and ensuring that you’re on their good books.

When you call vendors or suppliers for a meeting in your company’s premises, it’s always great to offer them sweets and refreshments. Beverages are a fantastic option as they help in calming things down when there are heated arguments – something that’s fairly common when engaging with vendors.

The main reason you require the services of another company is to cover up for what your organization lacks. Hence, the most important thing you must look for in vendors is their ability to demonstrate and present their business in a manner such that they can be entrusted with providing your company the business solutions it needs. When you invite vendors to present their solutions or their business, you must provide them with complementary corporate gifts to help them see your interest in what they have to offer.

Understand the Vendor Firm

The priority of an organization is to sign negotiation agreements with the vendor. However, it’s not just the vendors who must perform a research on your company and try to satisfy your needs. While that is essential, it works in an organization’s favor when you learn about the potential vendors and the services they offer. You could ask them to present the details of any part of their business that you may wish to know, showing them that you are equally interested in hiring their services.

Always remember that vendors need your business as much as you need their solutions. The vendor’s values and mission will outline the success of your company. They are also benefitted by this as the number of happy customers will be high, thereby improving their marketing advancements. Trying to establish a friendship with your vendors can leave both parties happy and successful in the long run.        

Administrative Assistant Resource