How to Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset

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December 5, 2012 — 3,521 views  
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How to Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset

In today's brutally competitive business environment, meeting and exceeding the expectations of the boss is critical to an employee's long term success. Here are some key tips to ensure that you will become your manager's most valuable organizational asset:

Understand Success Metrics

It is essential for the employee to completely understand what success looks like from the standpoint of the boss. Make sure you are completely clear with your boss on what's expected of you as an employee, including the specific measures that will define your success or failure.

Be a Leader

Bosses are busy people who are often pulled in many different directions. They need employees that are able to lead effectively within their respective work processes. Rather than simply identifying an issue and asking the boss what to do about it, valuable employees will present potential solutions as well. Bosses value employees who are willing to seek out new challenges. Make sure you are the employee who is willing to take on that office project that others are shunning.

Communicate Effectively

Make sure you understand the communications preferences of your boss, including preferred medium and frequency. Some bosses prefer electronic mail updates on your work progress, while others expect one on one discussions. Don't be the employee that bogs down the boss in unnecessary, trivial communication.

Build Organization Capacity

Bosses value employees who can help make others better performers. Be willing to share your specific skills and expertise with co-workers. It may be something as simple as helping a new employee get on board within the organization, or assisting someone who is struggling with a new technology change. The ability to build skills in others is often a critical requirement for promotion within an organization. Make sure your boss knows of your successes in this area.

Demonstrate Integrity

It goes without saying that bosses value employees who are honest, hardworking, and can be counted on to demonstrate integrity in business dealings with fellow employees and customers. People of integrity never work the system on their own behalf or shade the truth to make themselves look good. Earn the trust of your boss and future opportunities will come your way.

Be Professional

Professionalism encompasses many components, including dressing appropriately, refraining from engaging in office gossip, and treating fellow employees with respect. Projecting a professional image will ensure the boss is comfortable using you to be the face of the organization in internal and external business settings.


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