Essential Communication Techniques for Administrative Professionals

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July 9, 2012 — 2,304 views  
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As an administrative professional, your job responsibilities vary from day to day. In some instances, you may be tasked with communicating special requests between departments, and if you're unaware of how to use the best communication techniques, it may be difficult to convey messages. Therefore, you might want to develop your communication skills to become a more well-rounded professional and improve your standing in the eyes of your employer.

You might think communication is easy, as it is a daily part of life. However, the ways in which you speak to your friends and family are entirely different from how you would approach a client, fellow peer or your manager. To improve communication within the workplace, you should follow two simple rules: Remember to hear, not listen, and harness your emotions.

Sometimes work discussions can become heated and turn into personal attacks if not dealt with properly. It's important for you to control your emotions and remain calm. Messages often come out cluttered when emotions are running rampant, so take a few seconds to collect your thoughts and broach the problem with grace. In addition, you need to truly hear your peers and not just listen to what they're saying. Engage with them by responding to each thought, ask concurrent questions and fully understand the tasks you are assigned to complete. These techniques can help you become a better administrative professional, even in the most hectic of work environments. 

Administrative Assistant Resource