Effective Telephone Communication Strategies

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June 12, 2012 — 2,128 views  
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Administrative professionals are often the first person clients and customers come into contact with. The initial impression can make or break a business’ reputation. It is vital to come across as friendly, sincere and professional in all interactions. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve this on the telephone.

Administrative professionals can improve telephone communication by following these key tips:

1. Smile while talking. Smiling conveys trust, respect and friendliness - and not just visually! Clients can hear the inflections a smile puts into a person’s voice over the phone. By making sure your pearly whites are present, an administrative professional is audibly welcoming a potential customer.

2. Be polite. Regardless of the tone of the call, using polite phrases such as please and thank you can enhance the customer experience and convey respect. Remember to use the right tone when saying these words or they fail to have any prominent meaning.

3. Use the caller’s name. Don’t ask for the customer’s name and immediately forget it. Get the person’s name and use it periodically throughout the conversation.

Communication skills such as these can make the customer feel as if they are being recognized as an individual instead of a number.

Administrative Assistant Resource