Utilizing Google Calendar

April 23, 2012 — 2,105 views  
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Google provides a variety of helpful tools for office professionals, and Google Calendar is one that is quite frequently utilized. It can be used to organize your work schedule and share it and your calendar with others and invite coworkers to events.

Perhaps the most basic yet useful aspects of Google Calendar are that it can help you get organized and significantly improve your time management. Without these two things, there's no doubt you'll lose efficiency and end up hurting the company.

Consider how tasks may be completed in a more structured and timely fashion when you use this application to create to-do lists. You can also set up reminders to be sent to your email or phone for things like meetings, events, project deadlines or notifications for today's and tomorrow's agendas. 

It is particularly beneficial to an administrative assistant because it can allow you to collaborate with the entire staff - by sharing your personal or company calendars with everyone - and send invitations to meetings or other events. Furthermore, Google Calendar makes it easy to keep track of who has replied to an event invitation.

Help your entire team stay organized and connected by utilizing Google Calendar in the work environment today.