Techniques for Handling Multiple Bosses

March 16, 2012 — 2,068 views  
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As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for handling multiple tasks throughout the day. You might have to work with a computer software application, retrieve information for staff and clients and manage a variety of other projects. While you have probably been trained to perform these duties well, handling multiple bosses can be a whole other story.

Sometime pleasing one boss is hard enough, but when you have directions coming at you from all angles, it can be very overwhelming. The first thing you should consider is communicating with your bosses. Let them know how you are feeling about this situation and find out if there is a way you should be prioritizing assignments from various managers.

The Dayton Business Journal states that it is very important to prioritize when handling multiple bosses. Coordinate with managers and staff to decide what is most important and organize your work space to do these tasks firsts, explains the source.

You may find that by requesting a meeting with each of your bosses at once, you can all get on the same page and create a project timeline that will allow you to equally distribute work.

Routine communication is the key when handling multiple bosses and doing so can ensure you get all tasks accomplished, without leaving each day with a headache.