Take An Active Role Toward Your Success

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September 26, 2014 — 8,190 views  
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Take An Active Role Toward Your Success

Setting and achieving your goals doesn't have to feel like a chore or even a punishment. If you make the process of working towards a goal as dynamic and individual as your are, you can guarantee your success by playing towards your strengths. 

Creating Your Professional and Personal Goals:

Few goals involve one part of our lives: if you can tie a goal to your professional and private life. Say you want to lose fifteen pounds so that you'll improve your overall health and won't always be out of breath coming up the stairs. Knowing that accomplishing this will help you in your work and personal life means that you have twice the incentive to reach your goal. 

Steps Toward Reaching Your Goals:

Break down each of your goal into small, actionable steps. You can't lose fifteen pounds in one week, but you can realistically hope to lose one to two pounds a week. Take each step in reaching your goal, and break it into small steps that you can manage to finish in one day. You'll be amazed at how empowering a small victory can be.

Studies have shown that writing down a goal makes it more concrete, and it helps signal your brain that you seriously intend to achieve what you set down in words. 

Keep Your Goals in Front of You:

In order to keep yourself accountable, put your goals in a Post-it or find a way to keep them in front of you. The more you see them, the more they become part of your daily life. If you're facing temptations, place a cheerful(Getting healthy is TOTALLY worth it!") on the box of doughnuts in the break room. Always remind yourself of the benefit of achieving your goal, and refrain from beating yourself up when you're faced with adversity. Even tough love can derail you, so keep your self talk to positive affirmations. 

A goal with a set deadline or benchmark is more attainable. You can use countdown clocks, that send reminders of how many weeks or months you have to go in your goal. This helps when you have to make any adjustments in your plan. 

Revisiting Your Goals:

If you set aside time to review your goals, you'll see how much progress you're making on a consistent basis. This will inspire you to keep going until the end. 

In our working lives, there are thousands of distractions and changes of plans that can completely torpedo your plans, so you need to be most flexible with work related goals. If the company decides to pay for a Christmas party every other day, you may find your weight loss goals in jeopardy. This is where your power to push ahead and remain responsible for your goals is the strongest. 

Each week, take an honest look at how you were able to stick with your goal, and how you it improved you. Be honest when it comes to outside influences, such as last minute meetings and long hours affect your ability to stay on track.

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