Supporting Multiple Managers

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February 3, 2014 — 2,460 views  
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As the world of business is expanding, so is the need for talented workforce. However, many times companies are forced to manage with the existing employees because of various reasons. In these circumstances, people in the lower managerial level and those in the administration sometimes report to more than one supervisor. In such a situation these administrative professionals need to juggle their work so that they can keep all their bosses happy. This state of affair is not the ideal one but sometimes there is no way out and the person has to develop certain skills and techniques to survive and thrive in those tough conditions.

This condition of reporting to multiple managers happens mostly in IT companies where people work on more than one project simultaneously. Though the likelihood of supporting multiple managers normally occurs in large organizations, there is a good chance that some may even face this condition in a family owned business.

Challenges Faced While Supporting Multiple Managers

If you are juggling between different managers, you are likely to encounter many difficult situations. Ideally you must always be on your toes and should be ready to face these challenges head-on. Some of the challenges you are likely to face are:

  • You are probably going to get contrasting and sometimes conflicting messages from different bosses. It happens as people have a tendency to force their own plan.
  • Work overload- It is most likely to happen, and there is no way you can escape from it. You just have to manage your work plan and be as proactive as possible.
  • Loyalty- If your bosses know that you are reporting to somebody else as well, each of them would want your complete attention and loyalty, and you are the one who may have to suffer.

Tips and Techniques for Supporting Multiple Managers

When working for multiple managers, you may not be able to keep all of them happy. However, you can always use some techniques to, at least, keep them from creating any hurdles for you. You will find the following tips useful:

  • When a situation seems to be getting out of hand, allow your managers to sort the problem out between themselves. Do not try to get in the middle.
  • Understand the differences in personality of each of your bosses and try to adjust your plan of action for each individual accordingly.
  • Keep all your managers in the loop with regards to your workload and limitations. They all must know how you are making use of your time so that they do not get the chance to fire you.
  • Make your priority very clear at the first place and know which manager's work takes precedence over others and allow your other managers also know why you are doing so.
  • Manage your workload proactively so that your managers do not get the opportunity to complain.

Keep calm while working for different managers as if you are able to handle it without any hitch. This will help you grow in the organization quickly.

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