Make Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

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January 22, 2014 — 1,955 views  
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In today’s competitive world, it is very important to ensure that your resume differentiates you from the crowd and helps you to establish your career. The corporate ladder can be climbed easily if you stick to the time tested general bits of advice. Otherwise, the other alternative will be for you to languish at the bottom of the pile while others march ahead of you.

The resume that you provide should be short and succinct. The ideal resume is two pages long and mentions your educational qualifications and professional experience. Everything else is secondary.

What to Include:

Educational Qualification

You should mention in detail all the universities and colleges that you have attended. All of your educational qualifications should be mentioned. Your high school qualification can also be mentioned, although it is relatively less important.

You should clearly mention your area of study, your year of graduation and your cumulative performance. All these details should be accurate, because they are usually verified by employers.

Professional Experience

You should provide a list of all the jobs that you have held. It should include both permanent and temporary positions that you might have held. You should clearly mention the name of the employer, the name of the project and the name of the client. In addition, you should also mention the duration, location and nature of your employment.

Your job experience is the most important part of the resume. In fact, it is the only part that counts. So you should make sure that it is accurate and up to date. Most employers will verify your past experience with your past employers, so you need to be careful and honest.

Awards, Honors and Certificates

This is an additional part of most resumes. If you have achieved any awards, honors or certificates provided by third parties that is not by your educational institute or your past employers, you should include it in your resume. Most people do not have this; in that case it can be omitted from your resume.

What to Exclude:


Mentioning your hobbies in your resume used to be quite commonplace a few years ago, but now it is suggested by most experts to not include it. This is because most hobbies are irrelevant to the work you have done or the work that you are going to do. However, if you feel that your hobbies are relevant to your professional life, then you can include it in your resume.


Your past salary is supposed to be a secret and is not supposed to be divulged to anyone. Your salary largely depends on the requirements and expectations of your past, present and future employers. For this reason, salaries can vary from time to time. Furthermore, salaries represent sensitive information and therefore should not be included in your resume.

Making your resume stand out from the crowd can be quite challenging. Fortunately, there are many experts who specialize in this field and their advice can help in modifying your resume to suit the needs of our competitive world.

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