Make Your Performance Review a Great One

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January 6, 2014 — 2,283 views  
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For any salaried employee, an annual performance review is an essential part of his career. It suggests ways in which his performance can be improved and provides feedback on past performance. Improving performance is important because it could be a stepping stone for bigger things like a salary raise or a promotion.

The employees need to put in their best effort to ensure that their performance is great every year. It requires a lot of determination and willingness. But fortunately the task can be made easier by simply following some relevant advice.

Document your Accomplishments

Every instance in which your performance has been better compared to your colleagues should be noticed. For this reason you should document and highlight all of your major achievements. This could include finishing your projects early or impressing the clients with the quality of the product or service. All this should be noted down with evidence so that at the time of the performance review you can prove that you have actually accomplished something.

Keep a Positive Attitude

There are ups and downs in almost every area of life. This is especially true for your job performance. While there are going to be moments of celebration and rewards, there are also going to be moments of self-doubt and criticism. It is important to keep a positive attitude through all of this. You should keep in mind that all these are just phases and that they will eventually pass.

Know How to React to Criticism

Knowing how to take criticism is an essential part of success. Criticism does not have to be a one sided conversation. It is intended to be a dialogue in which both parties can fruitfully participate. The main intention of criticism is to ensure that the outcome is beneficial for both the employee and for the company.

If and when you do receive criticism, you should carefully make note of how you can improve upon it and how can make sure that you do not need to face the same criticism in the future.

Think for the Long Term

You should remember that performance reviews are not a one-time affair. They are going to happen every year and for this reason you should be prepared for not only the next year’s performance review, but also the performance review of the year after that and so on.

You should consider your own performance in the long term. All of your plans should be with respect to the next five to ten years, and not just the very next year. This way your performance improvement will be steady and your performance review will shine each and every year.

For many people, facing a performance review can be a daunting challenge. It is enough to send panic attacks and cause anxiety to almost anyone. But at the same time, it is also possible to excel in performance reviews if you plan for it in advance, keep a positive attitude and think for the long term. At the same time you should know how to receive criticism.

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