Adapting to Organizational Change

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December 30, 2013 — 2,356 views  
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It is not just your personal life, but also your professional life that goes through a lot of changes. Whether it is in the form of cutting costs, reorganization or downsizing, everyone experiences organizational change every now and then. It does not matter whether you are a part of a big company or a small firm; you have to face organizational changes in some way or another.

Organizational change has become a method of survival for most firms. Growing competition has made it necessary for organizations to come out with plans and policies that will help them in the long run in going strong in the market.

Staff Plays an Important Role

Most employees are comfortable with the idea of doing the same routine job, and in such cases it can get a little difficult for employees to get used to constant changes. Though companies are the ones to make changes, the success or failure related to the changes is totally dependent on the way it is taken up by the administrative and support staff of the company. If the staff does not respond well to the changes, there are very less chances that the company will taste any success with the changes.

This means that it is very important for the administrative and support staff to accept the changes made by the organization and comply by them. To help the company in achieving the goals that it plans to with these changes, the staff must adapt to the changes. The staff will have to embrace the changes first so that the company can grow and retrieve benefits from the modifications.

It is the responsibility of the top management and executives to ensure that the changes get implemented in the organization. In case the changes are not accepted well, they may lead to unsatisfactory customer service and even affect the performance of the employees.

Organizations need to understand that changes cannot be accepted instantly. Sometimes the staff can take a particular amount of time to get used to them. It is not very difficult for organizations to implement changes if it follows the given steps:

  • Talk to the Employees About the Changes

To allow your administrative and support staff to adapt to the changes that you are planning to bring in, it is very essential to talk to them about this once. If you just impose the changes, there are high chances that they won’t go well with the staff. At the end of the day, the changes will come into effect only if they are accepted by your staff so talk to them once and give them a hint.

  • Allow Your Staff to Give in Their Opinion

You might have decided what is right for the company and what needs to be changed, but that does not mean you can ignore what your staff has to say. Listen to what they have to say regarding the changes that you are planning to implement in the organization. If the changes that you are planning to bring in fail to impress your staff, there are high chances that they won’t really work for the organization as your staff will fail to adapt to them.

Administrative Assistant Resource