Software Essentials for Administrative Professionals and Support Staff

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December 3, 2013 — 2,169 views  
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Every company, be it big or small, is dependent on technology today for most of its work. Innovations in technology and different kinds of software have made it much easier for companies and professionals to manage their work. Also, most of them have their smartphone and iPhone apps which have given the liberty to professionals to work on the go. So, whether you are stuck in traffic or need to send across an important file while at home, you can do all of that thanks to these useful apps and software.

Software That Every Administrative Professional Needs

So, which are these software programs that have made work much easier for administrative professionals and support staff? Here is a look.

  • Microsoft Access

This software can be used to create specialized databases for monitoring sales, purchases, inventory and so on. The functionality as well as look of every database depends on the developer and the way the company wants it to be used. It can be customized, making it easier for companies to use it in the way they want. In fact, MS Office Suite consists of many different programs which can help administrative professionals in carrying on with their work effortlessly.

  • SharePoint

This is a database repository which needs the Internet to work. Many firms use this software to share data with employees. Corporate reports, procedure manuals and policies can all be uploaded with the help of this software, while ensuring that the privacy and confidentiality is maintained. SharePoint makes it easy for employees to send heavy files instantly which otherwise would take a lot of time to be sent as attachments. It allows multiple users to work on a single file, which helps in saving time. SharePoint also offers conversation features which allow communication between the connected users.

  • SnagIt

This software allows the user to lift certain portions of different images and combine them. It also allows users to create new files by using the screen shots from their computer. Administrative professionals can use SnagIt to integrate presentation packages which include staff’s printed web pages. Logos and images can be included in the package without any need of adding the web address. It can be helpful in coming up with instruction manuals too.

  • Filemaker Pro

This document management system gives administrative professionals the option of creating cross –system databases. It includes built-in templates which can be customized in the way the professional wants. Filemaker Pro is quite similar to Microsoft Office and users get the option of integrating their reports into Excel spreadsheets to allow easy file sharing.

  • Dropbox

This software is for all those administrative professionals who use multiple computers or need to work from their mobile devices. Dropbox gives them the freedom of accessing their desktop documents on any system. The files are synced every time changes are made in them so the user gets the updated version of the file every time. This takes away the effort required in saving or replacing documents constantly.

Administrative Assistant Resource