How to Decline a Job Offer

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November 12, 2013 — 2,073 views  
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One of the most important aspects of having a successful career is developing a stable network. Declining a job that has been offered to you is not a task that should be taken lightly. Certain situations may even make it seem that there is no need to get back to the company that has offered you the job or even bother to decline their offer. However, taking the time to communicate professionally while rejecting a job offer can help you gain the respect of the employer; This can prove to be extremely helpful, should you need to interact with the company in the future. In this age where networking is of utmost importance, it is extremely detrimental to burn down any bridges by leaving a company in the dark or by rejecting a job offer without respect and courtesy.

How to Appropriately Decline the Offer

With the digital age providing a large number of options to communicate, it is not a difficult task to get in touch with a company to decline a job offer with the fastest and easiest methods. Emailing or promptly calling to decline the offer are the best ways to go about this practice. Declining a job over the phone or in person is considered to be more professional and respectable of the two options as it provides for an opportunity for open exchange and feedback. The main steps that are necessary while declining a job offer are:

  • Get in Touch without Delay: It is important that you do not waste the company’s time and get in touch with the recruiter who made you the job offer as soon as possible.
  • Be Thankful: Instead of abruptly rejecting the job offer, it is important that you acknowledge the position offered and appreciate the company for offering you a job. However, it is also important that you remember not to overdo thanking the company and lead them on falsely.
  • Decline the Offer: State with clear and no uncertain terms that you are declining their offer. A brief reason as to why you are declining their offer may also be stated. It is important to make sure your voice is clear and you maintain a sincere tone. Show the person that you actually do regret declining their offer.
  • Answer Any Questions: It is quite normal to be asked a few questions after declining the job. It is essential that you answer questions politely and humbly while maintaining professionalism.
  • Finishing Appropriately: Before ending the call remember to thank the person again, wish them luck for the future and maybe even compliment them or the company to show you were impressed with their offer. 
  • Follow up: To portray an even more professional and responsible appearance you should follow up in writing with a letter to whoever offered you the job.

These steps can be kept in mind and used for declining a job even if you are completing the process only through writing or even in person.

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