Secrets for Getting Noticed at Work

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November 4, 2013 — 2,366 views  
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Being left out and going unnoticed at your workplace, regardless of how hard working you are or how good the quality of your work may be, is not uncommon in the professional world. Many employees feel that their work is taken for granted and they do not get noticed for their accomplishments. Being in such a state where you do not stand out at your workplace can result in missing out on new project opportunities, recognition, promotions, and salary raises. There are a few strategies and tips that can be helpful to make sure you get noticed at work and receive the recognition that you deserve.

Developing Effective Communication

One of the qualities that stand out in any employee and can result in immediate recognition throughout the workplace is being able to communicate well. Employees who have a good command over communication skills are noticed more and remembered. This does not necessarily mean being louder than the others. Knowing what you are saying, knowing how to say what you know, and understanding what other people around you are saying is important. Even the simplest of tasks such as getting to know the technical terms of your specific organization can be helpful. Mastering both verbal and non-verbal communication help you to create a better, overall impression.

Mastering Skills

Having expertise in areas that are relevant to your organization is extremely helpful to achieve recognition. Refining knowledge and skills to attain specialization can go a long way to help you get noticed. As organizations grow, specialists are required to develop work in certain areas while general workers are often left aside or looked over.

Looking Presentable and Being Active

Dressing appropriately and looking smart helps you to look more presentable and give others a chance to notice you. Giving an opportunity for others to know your views and listen to your ideas is vital. It is important to that your views are known and understood and you come across as opinionated yet open minded. Taking the back seat and remaining passive in company meetings is never helpful for a successful career. Putting yourself and your ideas forward ensure that your presence is duly noted and your opinion will always be taken into consideration.


Being an employee who is reliable and helpful to colleagues in matters that are not limited to only the workplace can help you to get noticed and gain recognition as someone who is trustworthy. The art of being reliable and useful can greatly help you progress in your career.

Building a Network

Developing and sustaining healthy relationships with co-workers with whom you can share on a personal level helps you to build up a network that can be used to: gain access to information, build visibility in the workplace, attract opportunities, and more. Being a team player shows that you can put the needs of your organization and team before your own needs which can add value to your character. Such character is always taken into notice by superiors and other colleagues.

Maintain Integrity and Honesty

Having a sense of integrity and honesty in your work can attract positive attention and result in positive attributions and associations with your character. Such attributions can help you to gain recognition for the right reasons.

Attending Public Events

Attending public and social events that have been organized by your organization or where you know your colleagues will be present is one of the best ways to have your presence felt. It helps you build relationships and connections with different people from your organization, as well as serves as the perfect opportunity to give them a chance to get to know you.

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