Top Qualities of a Professional Assistant

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October 24, 2013 — 2,673 views  
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To the layman, the role of a professional assistant might seem all cushy. After all, doesn't he get to hobnob with the boss, attend important meetings with him and undertake other important work for him? In reality, the work of a professional assistant is much more complex and difficult than it is given credit for.

Not only does the professional assistant provide administrative support to his boss, he also performs a host of other important functions like scheduling meetings, handling correspondence, and more.

Being a professional assistant is not easy. The job comes with a number of high responsibilities and often there is no room for mistake. For these reasons, a professional assistant has to have to number of qualities. Here are some of them.


Communication is the most essential quality for an executive assistant. Professional assistants who can write and speak well project a positive image of their boss and their company.

They may have to write letters, minutes of meetings, and memos--and for this, they need to know about punctuation, grammar and spelling. They will also have to correspond with their co-workers and the public; therefore they will need to speak in concise and clear sentences. Listen to the needs of others and communicating the information to their boss is also part of their job, so they should be good listeners.


Bosses expect their professional assistants to work on their own and do not give much direction. So, they should have the ability to make decisions by themselves, without supervision. They have to anticipate and recognize problems and communicate them to the correct person, so that action can be taken. They should have a good understanding of reasoning and logic so that they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of a situation.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills that a professional assistant should have. There may not be enough time in a day to do all the things that have to be done, but your job as a professional assistant is to see that it gets done. You must be able to prioritize the jobs at hand and work without getting distracted. You will be expected to be punctual to meetings, to complete work and perform other functions in time.


As a professional assistant, you will be in the middle of important conversations and business deals. This places a lot of power in your hands. But as Ben Parker says, 'With great power comes great responsibility.' You will have to maintain utmost confidentiality when it comes to business matters. Additionally, you will be expected to disengage from office gossip.


Professional assistants are usually found in those companies that have a busy and fast paced business environment. You will have many responsibilities and you will be expected to show organizational skills. If you are not careful, something might eventually slip through the cracks and cause a severe situation in your company. For instance, if your boss is scheduled to attend an important meeting and you have forgotten to book a hotel, what do you think might happen? Whether it is booking meetings or organizing files, a professional assistant is expected to be on top of all things.

The role of a professional assistant is full of excitement and dangers. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and can be very stressful at times. But you will also be very close to the center of power and you might even be included when some important decisions are being taken. These perks will more than make up for any discrepancies in your job.

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