Gate-keeping Strategies for Administrative Professionals

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September 18, 2013 — 2,098 views  
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In any organization, there is a high need for security. However, there are many individuals who prefer to bypass security measures and try to breach the walls, which maintain this confidentiality. There are many different reasons behind people getting past security. The major reason today would be so that they can have a go at impressing the boss and perhaps avail of a salary increment.

While this hope is essentially nothing harmful to the company, there are only a handful of people at a time who deserve this, and your time, as well as your boss’s time, is quite valuable. If every person in the organization tried to bypass you so that they could do this, not only will your superior waste a lot of time and energy, but s/he will also feel that you are being incompetent in handling the situation. Gate-keeping is therefore vital and you must learn strategies so that you can do it both efficiently and effectively.

Maintain Positive Relations with Higher and Lower Levels of Organization

First of all, remember that each individual in the organization is different. Realize every person’s needs and feelings so that you can do what it takes to make them feel valued by the company. If any person in your organization starts feeling undervalued or ignored, they are sure to try different ways to get attention. Ensure that there is a positive relationship between you and the people working under you in the firm.

Once you have built good relations, judge by performance and skill levels, who among the task force is important. Your judgment should be based not only on how an individual performs, but also on the team building and group orientation that a person has. While high Machs are very valuable, they are usually good to work with as freelancers. Inside the physical premises of the office, people are better off as social workers.

Pro-Active Behavior Goes a Long Way

Take decisions more actively, so that your boss understands and appreciates your qualities. However, make sure that you reflect upon your decisions and ask for feedback on how you may improve your decision making. Your eagerness to improve will be much appreciated and your value will go up in the eyes of your superiors. Try to be proactive in your endeavors. If people require access to higher levels of management, then go out of your way to determine the legitimacy of the need.

If you continuously grant access only to those people who have a good reason for it, then you will find that others will respect how well you do your job. When you are good at what you do, there is no need to worry about creating a good impression in higher circles. It will already be evident to others. At the same time the people under you will also respect you for showing the same respect back to them. In essence these are the main guidelines to follow in the process of gate-keeping in a corporate environment.

Administrative Assistant Resource