How to Convert Older Microsoft Office Files to Newer Files

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September 4, 2013 — 1,829 views  
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Although you may be using updated versions of Microsoft Office such as the 2010 version, you may have certain files that were created using a much older version. A 2003 MS Word document, for example, comes with the extension .doc, while Word documents of and post the 2007 MS Office have the .docx extension. These two versions are not compatible as they are. If you are an administrative assistant, then you will realize the importance of having to convert the old documents so that they are compatible.

Work places often have massive amounts of data stored as soft copies which have to be changed so that there is no need for re-work to be done. Microsoft has ensured, however, that there is a Compatibility Mode so that this process is simplified. Follow a few easy steps so that all your files are easily converted and you may proceed with your work without further ado. It is advisable to create back-ups of all your files before proceeding.

Step 1: Open an Earlier Created File in the Later Version of Microsoft Office

Open any Office application such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, and open a file that was created in an earlier version of the software. This will generally bring out a pop-up telling you that the file you are trying to open is not yet compatible with the version that you are currently using.

Step 2: Convert the File using the Available Commands

Click on the File tab and select the option ‘Backstage View’. Once you have done so, simply click on the button that says ‘Convert’. You will find it in the Info selection. Find the Office key towards the top left section of the screen and select the ‘Convert’ option in the menu.

Step 3: Select Through Available Options for Each Program

Once you have completed the second step, you will get a window that gives you various options to choose from. These options are basically programs so that you select whichever program you want to convert at that moment. Click on the applicable option to proceed to the final step of conversion.

Step 4: Manually Re-open the Program in case it does not do so Automatically

If you find that the program that you have converted is not re-starting, simply close the file that you have changed and open it once again. Sometimes this has to be done manually because the program settings have been changed during conversion.

Administrative Assistant Resource