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Mind Your Manners: A Sales Etiquette Survival Guide

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Learn effective strategies to interact with top-notch manners and confidence to outshine the competition and create a positive, professional reputation for yourself and your business.What is sales etiquette about? You're communicating well with prospects and business associates aren't you, never having disagreements or miscommunications? You have more appointments than you can run; you have prospects calling you to do business with you, right? You are making more than you wanted or more than you expected, is that true? Your manager and support staff always see your side of issues while the leaders at your competitors never step on your territory. Sales etiquette is about building relationships with others, it's not about rules and regulations. Sales etiquette is more about creating an environment where others feel comfortable and secure in working with us, building better communication and respect.


Lloyd Lofton, LUTC, 7 Figure Sales Tools


Making and Receiving Proper Introductions

Business Casual vs. Business Attire

Using Someone's Name or Title

Addressing Personal Space and Sales Space - Positioning

Realize the Value of Time, Yours and Theirs

Who to Be Courteous to in Business

What Using Your Cell Phone Says About You

LinkedIn® Etiquette, Posting, Connecting and Business Relationship Building

Social Media Usage in Sales vs. Personal

Phone Etiquette, Receiving a Call, Making a Call, Voicemail

What Your Company's Website, Communication and Team Says About You

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