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Selling to the C-Suite

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Get your foot through the door every time by getting noticed, making relationships and communicating value in a way the C-Suites can't resist. Jim will provide actionable to-do lists for anyone who desires to become to be an 'insider' advisor to the C Suite. You'll find answers to how to sell to the C Suite by offering trust and building your trust skill set. Jim delivers everyday tools, approaches, exercises, resources, and Plain Talk to Smart People in a conversation designed to stimulate your upward sales trajectory in C Suite sales, relationship management with upper management, and impact organizational performance. All the success in sales happens when committed, talented individuals are in front of C Suite prospects, and they make every meeting accountable.


James Feldman, CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, MIP, PCS, Shift Happens


Do Your Homework

• Learn What Keeps C Suite Executives Awake at Night. It's About Their Needs and Wants That Require Solutions, Products, and or Services

Find the Gaps in Communication

• How to Get to Yes Involves Simplification, Clarity, and Focus. Learn How to Identify the WIIFM

Tell Great Stories That Are Relevant

• Be the One That Delivers Both the Good and the Bad News Immediately by Focusing on the Decision-Making Process, Not the Actual Decision

Discover How to Manage Yourself

• Accomplishing Tasks by Addressing Your Motives, Your Role, and Your Emotion Before Presenting at the C Suite

Privilege Comes With Your Admission to the Inner Circle

• It Gives You Access That Must Be Treated as an Honor as You Continually Adjust and Value the Relationship You Must Become More of a Sounding Board Than a Salesperson

Facilitate Conversations That Explore Options

• Your Role Is More Prescriptive Than Implementation. Find the Ends Results Then Create the Path to Get There

Follow up by Seeing Things Through

• Recommend Not Only the Best Decision but No Decision

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