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Don't Be Afraid: Learn How To Conquer Your Fear

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of techniques and best practices for conquering your fear and putting your best foot forward.Many of us are living with anxiety and fear. You may not even know it. You may only know that your shoulders are up to your ears every day. If you do know that you are living in an anxious or fearful place, you may not know that you have the tools within you to conquer those fears and anxieties. This material will teach you how to identify where the fear and anxiety are coming from. You will learn the simple steps to take to conquer those feelings by implementing self-care, confidence, connection, life purpose and decluttering into your work and home lives. This information is for you if you want to live a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment.


Wendy S. Taddeucci, CPO?, Simply Organized, LLC


How to Identify That You Are Living in Fear and/or Anxiety

• What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

• What's Happening When Your Back Is Aching and Your Shoulders Are up to Your Ears?

• How to Begin to Understand Where the Fear and Anxiety Are Showing up

How to Conquer Your Feelings of Fear and Anxiety

• Learn How to Implement Self-Care

• Learn How to Implement Confidence, Asking for Support and Connecting With Your Tribe

• Learn How to Implement Decluttering, Organizing, Quiet Time and Life Purpose

How to Implement What You've Learned

• List out Your Takeaways

• Work One at a Time - Until You Feel Comfortable Enough to Know That You Have Completely Integrated It Into Your Life

• Choose the Next Takeaway. Repeat Until All of Your Takeaways Have Been Implemented

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