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How to Organize and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

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How well do you manage your sales pipeline? Gain control of your sales figures and learn how to create and maintain a smooth, scalable process for engaging with and converting prospects.Perhaps the most important tool in sales is the Sales Pipeline. It is there that the representative sees their progress, can predict their success or failure. The pipeline, however, is not used properly by most sales reps. They do not have a clear definition of a prospect, and as a result are off their course all the time. This topic will address these issues, and illustrate the need to manage effectively. It will not only be beneficial to the account representative but to the sales managers. With the right tools, both will learn how to communicate with each other in a positive way. The course is based on Stephan Schiffman’s best-selling book: Cold Calling Techniques, That Really Work! That book has been updated seven times since its first appearance 30 years ago, and is used as a springboard for many sales organizations around the world.


Stephan Schiffman, SteveSchiffman.com, Inc.

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